The protection of your premises, land or vacant property is of paramount importance to your business. Decisions over what kind of security you need to protect your assets can be a headache with many different options available. One of those decisions often surrounds the need to have security dogs and handlers on site, which is usually dependent on what kind of premises you need protection for. Here are some scenarios where a security dog unit would a great addition to your security provision:

High value targets

Locations containing high value stock such as warehouses or distribution centres are at high risk from thieves and gangs. The physical presence of security dog units at high value locations can be a more effective deterrent to criminals than lone security guards or CCTV cameras due to the increased risk of detection and immediate detention. This enhanced security reduces the risk of attempted theft and protects your assets, supply chain and business continuity.

Secluded locations

When you have a property or piece of land is in a secluded location the risk rating rises because it is more likely to be targeted by criminals or squatters due to the fact there are less people around to generally monitor the area. This means the risk of your security guards being confronted by a trespasser is higher, increasing the risk of harm due to the isolated nature of the location. Not only does a security dog act as an effective deterrent, it also gives your security provision an extra layer of personal protection to reduce the threat and potential harm to your security guards on site.

Vacant property

Empty property or vacant land is at high risk from squatters and unauthorised encampments. Having security dogs and handlers on site can be a highly effective deterrent to stop squatters targeting your assets and if they do chance their luck and attempt to enter the site, being challenged by a security dog and handler has much more impact than a lone security guard. Often travelling encampments have their own dogs so it is essential your security teams have the backup of a trained security dog to diffuse situations before confrontations become heated, and potentially violent.

Construction sites

Not only is a construction site a prime target for criminals looking to steal high value plant, machinery and equipment, semi-completed structures are a playground for trespassers or ‘urban explorers’ and hotspots for mindless vandalism such as arson. Due to the increased Health and Safety risks present on a building site it is essential these trespassers are kept out to maintain the safety of your workforce, visitors and the public. The superior senses of a security dog mean they can identify an intruder on your site faster than a human, even if they are hiding, so your security teams can locate and remove the individuals quickly, and in most cases before they do cause harm to themselves or damage to your project and schedule.

These are just a few examples of locations which would benefit from the enhanced security a trained security dog and professional handler adds to your security provision but there are many more situations where a security dog would add additional benefits such as event security. It is essential a full site risk assessment is conducted and you consider a full range of security measures to compliment a dog unit, such as access control and CCTV systems, to ensure a comprehensive security response in all scenarios.

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