React K9 Patrol security dog services

As specialists in security dog services, our highly trained security dog and dog handler units provide you with enhanced security and peace of mind that your property, site or event is protected 24/7/365. Our teams work with businesses of all sizes to meet your specific security requirements, for one off assignments or as long-term security solutions.

We are dedicated to raising industry standards and abide by the guidance and recommendations contained within the Code of Practice BS 8517 for the use of security dogs. We guarantee our professional dog handlers are SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensed, registered with NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users) or equivalent and fully insured.

Why use a security dog and handler team?

The presence of a security dog is a striking visual deterrent and is often enough to prevent criminal or anti-social behaviour and will help your workforce feel protected.

With superior senses a dog can detect an intruder faster and from further away, enabling them to cover a wider area and alert handlers of a potential threat earlier. Faster threat detection = faster security response.

Our trained and experienced security dog and handler units can be a cost-effective way to protect high value/high risk sites and events. A single dog unit can replace multiple static security guards saving your business money and improving your security risk status.

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Nationwide 24/7 K9 Security Services.

Fast and professional K9 security services to suit your specific requirements. Protecting your assets 24/7, nationwide.

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Vacant property security

Vacant Property Security Dogs.

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Construction security

Construction Site Security Dogs.

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Dogs for evictions

Dogs for Site Evictions.

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Dog Unit Security

Dog Unit Security.

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Event security

Dogs for Event Security.

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