Construction sites are high risk targets susceptible to theft, vandalism and squatters, especially out of hours. These threats can cause project delays, put strain on your finances and could damage your reputation.  Our experienced SIA licensed security dog and dog handler units can provide professional round the clock site monitoring to mitigate risk and minimise project downtime.

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Peace of Mind 24/7.

You can’t always be on site, but you can be reassured your site is always protected by our highly trained security dog and dog hander teams. Often their mere presence is enough to make a construction site unattractive to thieves, vandals and squatters.

Our security dogs receive regular scenario training to ensure when a threat is detected on your site they react reliably.  A dogs’ heightened senses mean it can detect a threat before a human, giving its handler a head start identifying suspicious activity occurring beyond their range of sight or hearing, in particular during site shutdown periods.

Cost efficient construction site security.

Keeping a project efficient is essential to staying on budget. A single trained, professional security dog and dog hander team can replace up to 3 static guards, upping efficiency and lowering your project security costs.

The presence of a security dog unit also makes it safer for the guards protecting your construction site out of hours. Trespassers very rarely engage a dog but if they do the dog can protect itself and its handler, lowering the risk to life.

Our Construction site security dog services are suitable for all sites of all sizes including

  • Sites with high value machinery and tools
  • Large, open sites which require frequent patrols
  • Out of hours/site shut down periods
  • Isolated sites where risks are heightened
  • Finished projects awaiting client occupation
  • Construction sites that have fallen into receivership
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Case Study

Northampton & Derby – Canal upgrade programme.


React K9 were tasked with protecting assets being used to renovate the locks including high value equipment. We deployed an experienced handler who had a background in specialist security.

The handler had to be located inside the boat, leaving his vehicle on the main road and navigating down a public footpath. We conducted a site risk assessment and instructed the handler to take extra precaution and muzzle his security dog as he was using a public pathway to reach the site.


The client was impressed with the professionalism and safety measures we put in place and remarked that our attention to detail and risk assessment was superb. The following week we gained three additional lock security sites and replaced the previous security contractor.

React K9 Canal case study


Trained and qualified K9 Security Dogs and Dog Handlers.

As part of our commitment to exceptional quality and animal welfare, React K9 is a member of NASDU, the National Association of Security Dog Users.

All our dog handlers are SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensed and certificated by NASDU or an equivalent. Using certificated handlers is critical to our promise of quality as it guarantees the dog has passed a comprehensive and professional training programme and is classed as ‘safe’ for deployment. It also means the dog handlers are trained and are classified as ‘competent’ in handling their dog. Certification also places strong importance on the welfare of the dog – a core part of our company ethos.

All security dogs undergo regular training including ‘scenario’ training, guaranteeing a dog will respond reliably and consistently to a live threat.

Nationwide 24/7 K9 Security Services.

Fast and professional K9 security services to suit your specific requirements. Protecting your assets 24/7, nationwide.

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