Our quality.

We understand that every client is individual and provide tailored security dog services to meet the specific security needs of your location.

Whether you have a small site requiring a single handler, a large, complex development needing a team approach or an eviction problem, we guarantee our team of experienced, trained and vetted dog handlers will provide an effective and cost-efficient dog security solution to guard your assets and improve your risk profile 24/7 – 365.

Our services.

We offer a full range of dog security services across the UK, with specialist dog handlers available 24/7.

Our K9 security services include:

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Our standards.

At React K9 dog security services, health and safety is our top priority. We undertake full site risk assessments to comprehensively review threats and safeguard your employees, visitors and our own security dogs and handlers.

We abide by the guidance and recommendations contained within the Code of Practice BS 8517 for the use of security dogs. All our professional dog handlers are screened to guarantee they are SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensed, registered with NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users) or equivalent and fully insured.

Our GPS tracking system ensures we always know the location of our security dog units and we undertake regular training for both our dogs and handlers to maintain the highest standards of incident response, conflict management and dog obedience.

React K9 Security Patrol
React K9 Dog Training


Trained and qualified K9 Security Dogs and Dog Handlers.

As part of our commitment to exceptional quality and animal welfare, React K9 is a member of NASDU, the National Association of Security Dog Users.

All our dog handlers are SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensed and certificated by NASDU or an equivalent. Using certificated handlers is critical to our promise of quality as it guarantees the dog has passed a comprehensive and professional training programme and is classed as ‘safe’ for deployment. It also means the dog handlers are trained and are classified as ‘competent’ in handling their dog. Certification also places strong importance on the welfare of the dog – a core part of our company ethos.

All security dogs undergo regular training including ‘scenario’ training, guaranteeing a dog will respond reliably and consistently to a live threat.

Dogs 4 Wildlife

Dogs 4 Wildlife.

Dogs 4 Wildlife aims to provide both quality, highly trained dogs and specialised ranger training, for the development of anti-poaching canine units to protect endangered wildlife. Inspiring and motivating the next generation of wildlife protectors, through effective and determined education.

Project Objectives:

To promote, for the benefit of the public and our future generations, the conservation and protection of endangered species and the protection against wildlife crime through:-

  1. Training and establishing strong, reliable, anti-poaching canine units.
  2. Community empowerment projects, to advance the awareness and education about endangered species for protection of biodiversity.
  3. Providing educational platforms in the UK and Africa to raise awareness of the plight of wildlife and inspire the next generation of wildlife protectors.

React K9 are proud to be one of Dogs 4 Wildlife’s sponsors.



We are excited to announce React K9 is now a Highfield accredited training centre. This means we can now offer accredited courses to become dog handlers.

We have full facilities, classroom, indoor and outdoor training areas.

Now React K9 can train, we are able to have even better quality control of handlers who work under our organisation. Being able to provide inhouse CT/qualifications to our handlers makes React K9 a trusted all in one company.

React K9 run NASDU GP level 2/ntipdu /React k9 GP level 3.

SafeContractor Accreditation Sticker B

SafeContractor approved.

We are proud to be SafeContractor approved.

SafeContractor is the UK’s leading accreditation scheme and it showcases our commitment to health and safety and risk management as we work across sites in the UK.

This accreditation gives our clients confidence that they can choose React K9 for their security dog services for complete peace of mind.


Where can you supply security dogs?

React K9 provide full UK coverage.

Do the dogs and handlers receive regular training?

Our security dogs and handlers are highly trained and are routinely assessed to ensure that the highest standards are maintained, and they are safe to be deployed. We also conduct regular scenario training to make sure our security dogs react consistently and reliably in all situations.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have comprehensive insurance and public liability cover.

How fast can you get security dog teams to my location?

Circumstances permitting, we aim for deployment within 24hrs but for critical situations we can often have dog teams protecting your site in a matter of hours.

When would security dogs be beneficial to my security provision?

There are many scenarios where a security dog unit would be beneficial vs a lone security guard. These include large areas which need regular patrols, sites with impaired line of sight, isolated locations where there is increased risk to the guard, events which require crowd control measures and to assist in evictions of unauthorised encampments from private or council property.

How are the security dogs transported?

The health and safety of security dogs is of paramount importance to us. Dogs are transported in marked vehicle designed with dog welfare in mind, including safety cages, ventilation, heating, first aid equipment, food and water and spare equipment.

How do you ensure the safety of your dog teams on site?

Our handlers are tracked via GPS so we can always locate their position. They also make regular check calls to our central control room throughout shifts to give status reports and ensure lone worker safety.

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