Understanding Landlord Eviction Rights

When you have travellers on your property it can be very stressful and frustrating, and having the best form of security is paramount to achieving a calm and safe resolution.

Landowners have the right to evict settlers, travellers, gypsies, and squatters from their land. Trespassing is a civil offence, rather than a criminal offence, and as such it’s the landlord’s responsibility to have them removed rather than the police.

One way to remove travellers or gypsies from private land is to go to court and obtain a Possession Order, however, this option is often very time consuming and costly.

The other option is to use Common Law. This means with a Certificated Enforcement Agent (Bailiff), an eviction notice can be served to the trespassers to leave on their own accord, often within a couple of days. Should they not move on after this notice period, extra security from canine security services can encourage them to go, or in instances where they still refuse to move or become agitated, the handlers are equipped to deal with the situation. The presence of K9 eviction security services is invaluable, as it encourages cooperation whilst remaining ethical and following the law.

Dog security services can be used to aid a variety of eviction situations, including private properties, commercial properties and land.

The Purpose of Canine Security Services during Evictions

Here at React K9 we understand the pressure of having unwelcome visitors on your property, and our dog handlers are experienced in this area of security.

If the travellers refuse to leave after the given notice period, then this is the time when you should consider getting a canine security team in with bailiffs, to serve as both a visual deterrent and to control any unprovoked aggression. Our dog handlers aim to peacefully remove the trespassers from your property through a legal and non-confrontational process.

With a great understanding of eviction law, our canine security services will be on standby to ensure a fast and smooth eviction. At React K9, our dog handlers are trained to the highest standard to ensure a safe, ethical and legal resolution.

Why The Extra Security From K9 Services?

Canine security dogs establish authority, and evictees are less likely to challenge the handlers and team. Our intention is for all situations to remain calm and diplomatic, resulting in a simple, safe and stress-free process. However, for travellers, the process of being removed from the location they’ve set up in can be frustrating, therefore when bailiffs and a security team arrive, they can become defensive and anxious. Often with the right approach from our canine security teams, any outbursts or encounters are avoided.

The presence of a K9 security team is instrumental in keeping the situation under control, whilst our dogs are trained to protect their handler should the situation require it.

Trespassers may be resistant to leave and be causing property damage. That’s why the eviction can be time-sensitive, so a fast response and deployment is important to reduce damages and keep the location safe. Having K9 dog handlers present at eviction will encourage a smooth eviction process and provide extra protection should they need to use reasonable force.

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At React K9 dog security services, we tailor our canine security teams to your requirements, no matter the size or location of the eviction. Our aim is to raise the security dog industry standards, by providing a professional, ethical and tailored service to ensure a smooth eviction process.

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