A security breach for any commercial business is a high priority issue and can be potentially damaging for business continuity and legal compliance. But this is particularly the case if your business is responsible for managing a construction site.

Construction sites are inherently dangerous and present many more safety hazards than normal business premises, so there is a huge responsibility in terms of public liability to consider when managing security. But there are also major business concerns, such as the costs and implications of project delays and keeping a project on budget. Given that the major safety concerns of construction sites will still exist out-of-hours and overnight, this makes security management all the more important. And also the fact that construction sites are constantly changing in terms of physical structure and the processes needed to manage them, means that construction site security is extremely challenging.

Assessing your construction site after a security breach

The first thing you need to do upon discovering a security breach of your construction site is to assess the damage and to contact the authorities if necessary. So this means:

  • Establishing if anything has been stolen or damaged
  • Establishing if any unauthorised person has been hurt while on the site
  • Establishing how the security breach occurred

If your construction site has been broken into, this suggests there has been a lapse in your security system and it is important that you analyse and identify what that was. So has your CCTV system failed to detect an intruder? Is guarding or access control insufficient? Are your security procedures not sufficiently robust?

Because construction sites are evolving constantly, you need to review your security measures at the end of every working day to ensure the site is safe and secure, and make any necessary amendments.

Implementing additional security controls

Where there has been a security lapse on your construction site, it is important to carry out a risk assessment and establish what you can do to improve security and resolve the issue that led to a security breach. Installing or improving your CCTV system can be costly and is not an immediate solution for a fast-moving construction site, so one of the most popular and practical solutions is to employ a dog security service.

K9 security can be deployed to patrol your construction site out of hours to ensure there is full site coverage while the site is unoccupied. K9 security will be:

  • SIA licenced and trained in professional conduct
  • Trained to deal with nuisance, trespass and intruders
  • Able to act as a visible deterrent
  • Flexible to work alongside any existing security measures
  • Able to be stationed permanently or to carry out regular patrols at periodic intervals
  • Fast, responsive and effective

Construction site dog security is a specialist service designed to give you complete peace of mind, and is an effective solution to the results of a security breach. At React K9 we have experience of working on construction sites and therefore understand the unique nature of the safety risks, the value of tools and machinery stored on site and the complexity of having fluid site arrangements. Dog security can act as a quick and effective solution to your construction site being broken into and will therefore act to satisfy insurance requirements, as well as providing management with an assurance that the site is as secure as possible.

So contact React K9 today and we can talk to you about cost-effective construction site security and help you with the challenges you face and keeping your construction project safe, on budget and on time.

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