If you’re considering security for your company, it’s important to consider what type of security is appropriate.

Here, we explore some of the benefits of employing dog protection teams and what they can contribute towards the security of your construction site, vacant properties, or existing security teams. When looking at some of the largest protection industries like the police and military, there’s a strong presence of security trained dogs. There’s a reason why dog protection handlers are such an integral part of the force. Their loyalty and far superior senses and abilities make them a faultless choice, and this protection can be the same for your site.

Versatility for All Situations

Dog protection units can be deployed in many different environments and situations. For small properties and sites, a security trained dog can be a fantastic aid for a standalone or small security team. Alternatively, on larger sites or events, K9 protection dogs can handle larger areas, by having regular patrols and heightened senses. They can aid the CCTV, ground team and support teams, where their individual presence alone is not effective enough at noticing all unexpected activity, or dealing with the aftermath.

Deterrence of Threats

A significant benefit of having k9 security is that a site is less likely to be targeted, as the onsite protection means criminals, vandals or squatters may then choose a more vulnerable site nearby, where there is no security dog presence.

In sites where the threat of violence is higher, such as site evictions with stubborn occupiers or at events with opportunities for violence to arise, the presence of protection dogs can reduce the threat by keeping situations calm.

Rapid Detection of Activity

A popular reason to choose dog security is their ability to detect activity faster than humans.

Experienced security dogs are able to use their highly developed hearing and smell to recognise changes and threats, far before a human would be aware. These exceptional guard dog abilities can mean earlier detection of threats through different sounds or smells, preventing a minor intrusion from becoming a larger crisis. Security dogs can be a valuable asset as their powerful hearing and sense of smell allow monitoring of larger areas, construction areas or vacant properties.

On Site Protection

An important factor to consider when choosing security aside from protecting the site, is protection of the teams staying on site. The fast response rate and training of protection dogs will ensure security members and staff alike will feel safe and protected.  Whilst alarm systems and normal security guards can be great at alerting, choosing a k9 protection dog has the speed and strength to actually physically protect your property and team, should the situation arise.

Choose the Highest Standard

It’s important to choose the right dog security to ensure the service you expect. Look for a company committed to both exceptional quality and animal welfare, like a licensed security dog service like K9 React. React K9 is licensed by SIA (Security Industry Authority) and certified by NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users). The fully trained and professional dog security teams will ensure your property and employees are extensively protected.

React K9 dogs can work alongside a security unit, or can work individually with their handlers, so can suit all security service needs. Contact React K9 24/7 to discuss your security guard dog options today.

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