There are many reasons why you may require dog security services for your business; you may be hosting an event, you may need 24/7 patrols because you are in a high-risk area, you may have a vacant property or you may be experiencing an unauthorised encampment on your site and require a professional site eviction. All of these scenarios can be managed by deploying a dog security team through React K9, because each situation requires two of the key attributes our professional dog security teams possess; high standards and a fast response.

A dog security team cannot operate successfully without high standards, but equally, the client requires a fast response in order to establish the security assurance and peace of mind that the situation demands, so you can’t have one without the other. High standards are needed because you are putting trust in your dog security team and you need the job to be done well, but high standards also mean that security tasks are carried out legally and following the full requirements of the law. But a fast response is needed for different reasons.

Why is a fast response required for dog security?

Dog security services are often required at short notice because situations change and develop quickly. Maybe an event has become bigger than you first expected, or a new risk has been identified? Maybe a building has become vacant unexpectedly? Maybe a site has become occupied by unauthorised people over the weekend? Situations can change very quickly but the one thing that stays the same is that your business needs to be safe and protected at all times.

Of course you need a fast response to prevent your business being exposed to theft or damage, or to maintain safety and security at an event. But also, if you are subject to an illegal encampment this can begin to provide bad publicity for the business, so you need the situation resolving quickly, peacefully and legally. Therefore, deploying a dog security team through React K9 can minimise the damage and disruption such a situation can cause to a business.

In these kind of situations you need a reliable resource you can count on who is contactable 24/7 and can provide suitable dog security services as quickly as possible. At React K9 we have round-the-clock accessibility through our dedicated contact team, so you can get in touch by phone, by email or through our contact form. This service is permanently staffed so there is always somebody able to react to your needs.

How React K9 maintains high standards

Whatever time of day you contact us with dog security needs, we can deploy a dog security team to you and ensure a professional service with high standards, because we have:

  • SIA-licenced handlers
  • Full UK coverage so we can react on a localised basis
  • Our dog security teams have flexible skills and experience so can react to your needs with rapid deployment
  • We are NASDU members which ensures our processes are monitored and our canine security teams are trained and assessed

These qualities ensure that we can react fast and provide a high standard of dog security, but it also means we can still tailor our services to meet your specific needs, because we have the experienced, skilled and knowledgeable resources to adapt to all your requirements, often at short notice.

Professional dog security services from React K9

Contact React K9 for professional dog security services which go above and beyond to get the job done and provide peace of mind, but are also able to do so to ensure you receive the rapid security coverage you need. We understand that dog security is a critical service to your business, so we can become a trusted asset and we pride ourselves on becoming a key member of your team. So contact React K9 today and we can work to safeguard your business quickly and effectively.

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