Large-scale events are becoming increasingly popular, both indoors and outdoors, and are not just restricted to the summer. Festivals, concerts, sports events, firework displays and demonstrations can happen all-year-round and all pose different risks in terms of security. There is lots for organisers to consider in terms of security for a large event and this can include:

  • Car parking
  • The admission process
  • Crowd control and safety
  • Exiting the event

With this in mind, organisers should carry out a comprehensive risk assessment process to help identify what levels of security are needed. But a very common solution for security at a large event is K9 security and professional dog patrols. There are a number of reasons why K9 dog security is the best solution for a large event:

  • Professional

With SIA-licenced dog handlers you receive a very high standard of security in terms of both presentation and actions. Following NASDU regulations means that your K9 security will be trained to deal with many different hazards and will be able to manage many different situations always showing restraint, calmness and following strict legal procedures. This means you know you have lawful security and that all the right guidelines are being followed.

  • Specialist skills

Dogs have superior senses to humans, and security dogs are trained to use these natural skills in large-scale situations to help take swift and decisive action where it is needed. A dog can quickly differentiate scents where multiple might be present, and so in a busy situation, say when hundreds of people are queuing at an event or walking into an event, a dog can detect where drugs, alcohol or pyrotechnics are being taken in unlawfully. In extreme cases they can also detect firearms or bombs. But essentially, any threat which your event is exposed to can be detected by a fully trained K9 security unit.

  • Adaptable

Experienced K9 security teams are able to maintain their standards and professionalism whether your event is large or small. They are also mobile so are able to carry out patrols around the perimeter of the site and take on multiple security tasks in and around the event.

  • Visual

Although a key feature of K9 security is to be passive and discreet, dog security also acts as an effective deterrent. Essentially, you want your K9 security to be visible but restrained, so they are on the edge of proceedings monitoring the situation but ready to act as and when they are needed. Seeing K9 security can make people feel intimidated and uncomfortable, but if your risk assessment has deemed that it is necessary for your event, this should mean that people expect to see it and should actually feel safer and more secure that it is there.

So make the right choice and consider K9 security for your event. If you contact React K9 today we can help you prepare for your event and discuss what security arrangements you need to make. We have spent many years successfully providing professional security services for large indoor and outdoor events, all presenting different challenges. So talk to the K9 dog security experts today and we can make your event an outstanding success from start to finish.

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