It is well established that K9 security is one of the most effective forms of security, particularly for situations where you have a vacant property, are faced with managing a site eviction or you are hosting a high-profile event. When React K9 partner with you for your security needs, we carry out a thorough risk assessment of your premises and operations to identify threats and weak spots in your existing security and consider the most appropriate security controls. In most cases dog security is sufficient, but in some cases we may also recommend CCTV security. Alternatively, you might have identified this additional need yourself.

Dog security is a visible deterrent and is a form of mobile security which can carry out regular patrols of a site and can also act to calm and resolve potentially aggressive situations, but there are situations where it would be more effective to combine dog security with CCTV surveillance for extra protection and more peace of mind for your business.

Understanding CCTV security

CCTV security is a network of cameras fixed to specific vantage points with the aim of providing 24/7 visibility of your site. The system can be wired or wireless, but either way, the cameras are fed to a central recorder which can show live coverage but which can also be accessed to retrieve archived footage.

Most CCTV systems are designed so that cameras are positioned and focused on areas of vulnerability, such as entrances and exits, and areas where people don’t normally pass or walk through, so that any incidents which occur can be recorded and used as evidence. CCTV systems can be fixed and permanent, or can be temporary, and this is where they are useful when combining with dog security.

When would you combine CCTV with dog security?

Just as CCTV systems can be installed temporarily, so too dog security can be deployed on a short term basis. So dog security could be a permanent arrangement on your site and circumstances evolve to suggest that you may need to add some temporary CCTV coverage also. Or this could be the other way around. Similarly you may feel you need both security systems on a permanent basis.

Combining dog security with CCTV security would be effective when:

  • There are blind spots in your CCTV coverage and areas are not being monitored, either because extra cameras are too expensive or your site is too big
  • You are hosting an important event and it is critical the site is safe and secure overnight and for the duration
  • You receive a delivery of valuable stock which requires additional protection
  • The area is prone to unauthorised encampment and you fear a situation where a site eviction might be necessary
  • The premises will be vacant for a known or unknown period of time
  • You are managing a construction site with considerable risks
  • There have been reports of nuisance or vandalism in the area

Contact React K9 for effective dog security and CCTV systems combined

Some CCTV systems are linked to remote monitoring centres, which can work with on-site dog security after hours by contacting the dog handler when an incident has been detected. The dog handler otherwise works on site as normal. An alternative is that the dog handler monitors the CCTV system themselves while also carrying out their normal on-site patrols.

However you wish to combine your CCTV surveillance with effective dog patrols, the standard of your dog security is not compromised and will always be at the standard you expect. React K9 can work with you to provide these additional security controls and ensure you have two-fold surveillance and complete peace of mind. Contact React K9 to discuss your needs further and we will ensure you can effectively combine these two security systems for complete security assurance as and when you need it.

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