When it comes to security, vacant properties present a unique set of challenges.  As these sites are common targets for vandalism, theft and other criminal activities, the presence of security guard dogs on vacant sites can be a great option for implementing successful security measures.

At React K9, we’re delving into the main dangers associated with vacant buildings, the purpose of security dogs, their special advantages, the significance of proper training, and what to look for when selecting security dog services so that you can make well-informed choices.

The Risks of Vacant Properties

Vacant properties are vulnerable to criminal activities. Whether it’s commercial, residential or construction sites, these unoccupied sites can attract trespassers and squatters who can cause excessive damage and vandalism. Without appropriate security in place, vacant properties can also be a target for fly-tipping and arson. It can be very difficult to remove squatters or deal with theft, so it is recommended to maintain on-site security to prevent these issues from arising.

The Purpose of Security Dogs

Property protection and individual safety are the top two reasons to have security dogs on duty at vacant buildings. The property can be protected from threats and illegal activity by using security guard dogs. During conflicts, security dogs can also defend their handlers and other employees. The crew on-site can perform their jobs and the property owner can feel secure in their care given their adaptability and dedication to their handler.

The Benefits of Security Dogs

  • Quick Response Time – With sharper senses than humans, dogs can react to danger quickly, alert and navigate large areas of ground to increase the likelihood of catching an intruder.
  • Deterrence – The presence of a trained security dog can deter potential intruders from targeting your property, as they are aware of their abilities and may decide to reconsider.
  • Cost-effective – Compared to combining several preventative measures, dogs are less expensive as they are more effective than conventional technological resources.
  • Versatility – Security dogs can be trained to perform a variety of tasks on unoccupied premises, such as guarding security personnel, perimeter control and detecting intruders.

The Importance of Training Standards

With the right training, a security dog can have unparalleled obedience, making them extremely dependable when protecting vacant properties. Whilst dogs can be highly loyal and perform a great range of tasks, it’s important to take note of training standards. Many popular security dog breeds like German shepherds, and Dobermans can be fiercely loyal and very strong, but for them to be safe on site, the dog handlers need to be NASDU certified and fully SIA licenced. These standards guarantee quality, ensure protection from any liability, and carry out tasks safely with discipline.

Which Company is a Good Fit?

There is a great amount of choice available for service dogs in the UK, so it is crucial to select a company that aligns with your requirements. React K9 specializes in tailoring solutions for vacant properties, considering the unique demands of each site, and assigning an appropriate security dog team. By opting for React K9, you can be assured of swift deployment and the assurance that the security team is both reliable and high quality.

React K9

Through understanding the unique risks of vacant properties, React K9 dog security can provide a personalised solution.  Regardless of whether it is a residential, commercial, or construction site, React K9 can deliver expertly trained K9 security services to guarantee the continuous protection of your property.

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