When it comes to choosing the right security for your business it is widely agreed that security dog units, comprising of a trained security dog and qualified handler, provides superior protection in situations requiring heighten vigilance. But what makes the addition of a security dog such an effective way to protect your people and your assets? Here’s 3 reasons why security dog teams provide a better security solution versus traditional static security guards:

Enhanced deterrent

The presence of a security dog and handler team is a striking visual deterrent. Often the mere presence of a dog on site will be enough to deter individuals looking to conduct criminal or antisocial behaviour and send them looking for an easier target. This reduces the incidence of trespass, theft and vandalism to your premises and lowers the risk of confrontation and violence towards your security guards and any staff on site.

Faster intruder detection

Dogs can hear 4 times better than humans, their sense of smell is up to 100,000 times stronger and they have superior night vision. These enhanced senses mean they can detect the presence of a person or animal from distances of over 300m, even if they are hidden behind objects or cloaked by the darkness of night. As a result, a trained security dog can detect an intruder faster and alert its handler sooner than a lone human guard could. Faster threat detection means more time to assess, react and contain the potential risk to your assets.

Cost-effective security

Because a dog has these superior senses it can cover a wider area than a human. This means you need less people to protect your location from threats. It is commonly agreed that one security dog and handler unit can replace 3 static security guards, reducing your security costs substantially while elevating your security presence and giving your guards the added reassurance of a dog to help

These are just 3 of the reasons why a security dog team can be more effective, and cheaper, than traditional security guards when it comes to protecting your business property or land.

Be sure to always use a NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users) member such as React K9 to ensure your security provider abides by the code of practise BS 8517 for the provision of Security Dogs.

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